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Independent record label and industry education

4Life Innovation is a upcoming musical talent management company. Our First and foremost task is to seek out new musical artist of every genre hip/hop, rap and r&b  to provide them guidance, exposure in to the industry, scheduling shows in the best interest of the artist.

Live Concert - New York, 2020

Service We Provide

Negotiating contracts: 

 Music industry contracts are incredibly complicated. A large part of artist management is advising a client on business decisions and negotiating on their behalf. Because managers have a financial stake in the success of their client, it’s in their interest to negotiate hard for the best possible deals. A good manager has strong interpersonal skills and negotiating acumen.

Marketing and image:

The success of an artist depends a lot on good marketing and branding. A manager can help craft a musician’s public image with an eye towards current trends in music and pop culture.



Managers work with an artist’s record label and booking agent in putting together their client’s touring schedules. Tours have a lot of moving parts and require strong logistical and planning skills. Managers work to get their clients booked in good venues and markets and follow through to make sure that tours run smoothly.


Multimedia opportunities:

As artist’s grow more successful, opportunities crop up outside of the music industry. Music superstars often appear on TV shows and in film in order to diversify their brand and expand their reach beyond just the United States.


Artist development:

Managers help to nurture an artist creatively. Music managers often have contacts in the industry with music producers or other artists who can collaborate with their clients and help them grow as artists. Managers often talk with their clients on a daily basis and help guide them through a variety of musical and business decisions.



An artist’s success is contingent on good promotion. A manager works hard to promote their clients music and get them featured on music websites and publications that can help spread their reach.


Budgeting and Money Management:

Good managers build teams around an artist to help them manage their finances and keep tours and production under budget. Artists rarely have the business acumen or interest in micromanaging every area of their finances. Artist managers often connect their clients with good business managers and accountants to help them manage their money.

Up And Coming Artist


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- Gang Shit


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