Born July 26 1987 in Norfolk Va but raised in Suffolk Va by a single mother. My father was in prison doing a 27 year bid. I grew up around music my whole life from my grandmother, aunts, and uncles singing and playing instruments in bands. I participated in talent shows when I was younger which I started off by rapping on a local DVD called Teck live when I was 13 years old. I started rapping in studios free styling over instrumental beats. Unfortunately I went to prison for 7 years but continued mastering my craft I took all the pain I was going thru and faced with and really started writing my music. I use my music as my therapy but at the same time it is my craft something I love to do. When locked up close to time to come home my cousin Reesekool was working with producer Lex Luger who had work with Rick Ross and Waka Flaka and so many more artist and was waiting for me to come home to make some music with him and my other cousin who was like my brother BossDon. They had formed a music group called FGE and was working with a dude name Treasure who had a group name BMG who had other artist too. They were doing shows so the day I came home I was embraced by the whole city and my team who was FGE I did my first official song with Reesekool Nephew Lex Luger called Mudd and the next day I went to the studio called DreamRichMusicGroup with engineer Derrick Saunders who I grew to know as a real big brother bond with and continued to make music for years to come along with dropping music videos too. BossDon and I made a song called RockStar that was put on a local radio station by a D.j. from the radio station that asked for the song while I was locked up and it was being played. When I came home we dropped more hits and music. I wrote a diss song called Opp Hunting and it turned the city up and my rap artist craft became stronger. I have done music with features from Ceo Moc Hbm Deezy 2513Bo$ Pablo JakieO Tae600 and many more.